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Cammeray for Mexican. Corner of Miller and Amherst St. Dine In & To-Go.

Taqueria is like your little sister… short, fiery and confident; she has a lot to say but can back it up.

Taqueria is a little stylish but still authentic to its roots.
Drawing inspiration from the taco trucks and hole-in-the-wall taquerias that are scattered all over Mexico. These style of places usually have a perfected a small offering of a few menu items that they can delivery at lightning speed, almost always with a few secret ingredients and recipes that have been handed down through generations.

Taqueria’s menu has been carefully curated by chef Luis Zaleta who was born and raised in Mexico City. Serving up traditional slow cooked meats, fresh cooked seafood, vegan ceviche, tostadas, tacos and larger plates to be shared with good company

Taqueria will be your go to place for a date night, a friendly catch up or to celebrate!